Wednesday, July 7, 2010

iPhone Photo and the Morning Bike Ride

I got this application for my iPhone that makes photos look old-ish and puts them in a square format, which is kind of cool considering that I have been taking photos with my camera set at film proportions (16:9) for a few weeks now, and I realize that it might benefit my work and attitude to occasionally crop things a bit to make them more pleasantly proportioned. But anyway, I shot this on my phone (low res) and it is the interior of the car with some reflections. I thought it an interesting composition with an amazing amount of "reddish" in it. I like it.

I also got a couple of pictures on my bike ride this morning, the interesting one being a day lilly that still had drops of rain on it from the night. The day lillies' blossoms only last one day, I'm told. That conjours up a scenario for me that might compare to life as a human being; that being that we grom and finally bloom to maturity only to find that our fullness is terribly short lived and before long we drift toward ageing and decay.Mill Pond Goodness! If I had realized that when I was a youngster and had all those long and glorious days stretch out in front of me. Ah! The missed opportunities! The last photo posted is of the Mill Pond on route 1 in Sullivan Harbor. Remember that you can click on an image to view it full size and then back arrow to go back to the page.

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