Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's a Baby in the House

Her name is Sabina (no "r") and she and her mom Leah and dad Peter are friends of friends of our niece Morgan. A nice couple, they are caring for their daughter as "doting" parents. I remember somewhat that the first one is always special in that that's where you gain the confidence to be a parent. Sometimes things work out well that way. Sometimes they don't.

There are so many things around today that weren't there when our kids were little; diapers with velcro and bright colors (we always used white diapers and safety pins), highchairs that clamp to the top of any table and even rubber feeding mats that catch dropped food to keep things neater and less messy.

Anyway, she's amazing and cute (and I think she likes me 'cos I'm so silly with her) and almost makes me wish to be a grandparent, almost.

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