Friday, July 23, 2010

George on the Bay & Matt on a Tough Day

This morning was nice, I gassed up the boat and gave George a call to see if he wanted to take a ride over to Sorrento. He did, and he had never been out on this bay before so it was a good experience for him that he really enjoyed. It is very rewarding to be able to make someone's day!
I wish I could do the same for my own son. Although at some level I am sure getting Matt out of the house and taking him to the movies in Bangor (we went to see Predators and he really seemed to enjoy the movie) made his day of sorts, as he also got a chance to go to Bull Moose Music (his favorite store) and make a couple of purchases. He was really struggling today and out of sorts as well. It makes it tough on all of us as Morgan and one of her school mates are here visiting and more people just add to Matt's paranoia. Oh, well... we do our best.

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