Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blue Skies, Lobsters & Torrey Home

While things didn't come together very well for my brother today with the fuel pump in the boat not working, I went down to Winter Harbor again and helped him as I could by power washing the boat down while he took the fuel filter and pump out. I didn't take any pictures down there as it was pouring rain and I just wore a pair of shorts and sneakers and an old beat up t-shirt and was drenched in the first few minutes. Got the job done and got back home before Torrey got here, started a fire on the shore and steamed a dozen lobsters for a picnic supper on the patio. What a day! Some of the blue sky peaked through and it was good to see Torrey as always. Now he wants to use my laptop so he can process some of the pictures he took today. He's having car trouble so is going back to Portland without it to see how he can manage, and in the meantime I will do repairs and save him some money.

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