Monday, July 19, 2010

Groundhog Day?

Well, it was here at the compound after supper anyway. The large rodent was first spotted sitting atop the west stone wall at the side of the house and he seemed harmless enough. Shy, he was, but certainly willing to come into the backyard and feast on the abundant clover that is our lawn. He posed patiently (at first) and then became more agitated as the crowd gathered to watch him eat, scampering across the lawn and over the wall.

When we were first building the house we had one living in the wall on that side of the house, but he has been gone for two years now. It also looks like we may have more than one. Dave Seward (over on the other side of Schiefflin's Point) was in the Ellsworth paper the other day with an article about how they devastated his garden and so now he eats them. I saw him today and he said they were better than squirrel but not as good as rabbit, so if this one causes trouble we may have to put him in the stew pot! The girls say he's too cute to shoot (ah... could be a country song title).

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