Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Days Are What You Make Them

... I can smell the faint oder of woodsmoke coming through the open bedroom windows left over from the fire on the shore tonight. We cooked some lobsters and then toasted a few marshmallows, throw in some nice new corn and some raw peas in the pod and you have an evening meal to appreciate. I even took the extra lobsters into the kitchen and picked them out when we were done (leftovers, ahh I love leftovers!). Matt helped me start the fire on the beach and even toasted a few marshmallows, so that was good.
The day started with a good bike ride through the new construction to the east and then a day of excellent accomplishment when I went into school. Everything I had to do fell into place and I saw everyone I needed to see, signed some papers, and left with a feeling of professional satisfaction that I hope carries over to the school year! The courtyard outside school looked great this morning and all the work the custodial staff has done looks marvelous. I got home from school, mowed the lawns, prepped the walkway out to the new patio for some stone and even got the base coat on the table legs for the Children's Museum Auction, soooo.... I think I worked toward making it a good day, and it did!

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