Sunday, August 2, 2009

Work... Then Play!

Finishing the patio was the big deal for the day. David and I got a fairly early start (for two old guys on a Saturday) and we moved the 4 yard pile of stones on to the patio surface and voila, the patio was finished. Of course there was prep work, we did a grade for the gravel underneath and then compacted it, covered it with landscaping cloth (to keep silt from working into the stone and for washout around the edges) and then wheelbarrowed the stone into place. I think we were done by 2 or so, and then we had the opportunity to go sailing, so we did.

Not much wind, but Vern's Cape Dory trots along a few knots without much push needed. The day was gorgeous, lots of sun, and the cruise took us over to the east side of Calf Island where I got some great shots of the mountains unobstructed. It was a bit hazy, but the Porcupines out in front and the listening water made for some nice shots. I took quite a bit of video as I want o work some more with iMovie '09 and I told Vern I would try to put together a decent sailing movie for him (I need the practice, as I want to do a lot more video in school next year).

I missed the first day of August (starting to feel like summer's here) with the blog, but will have a couple of things today.

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