Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mechanics... Etc.

Yeah, so I've been working on the outboard motor the last couple of days (so of course I had to take some pictures - I have one of the boat draining after a "rinse" in Flander's Pond also). The motor gave us some problems last year with not really seeming to get enough fuel, so I took the carbs off and dismantled and cleaned them, blowing them out with compressed air. We took the boat up to the pond to try the motor and it seemed to run OK, but the steering was frozen up. If it's not one thing, it's another!
I've also been putting some more studio time in on glass and on the "Tres Chic" table (I will get some photos of the table in progress as I have to turn some bio in for the Children's Museum). The month of August will creep by and I won't have half done of what I would like to have done, but it is good to finally have some summer!
Now I have to clean up glass shards off the floor in the studio, they're everywhere and my niece likes to run around the house barefoot, so I had to warn her to keep out of the studio. The final photo is one of oak leaves blowing in the wind that I shot with high shutter and saturated the colors of the underside of the leaves. Fun!

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