Monday, August 17, 2009

Luna Sea Portrait

Funny how fate and the miraculous workings of the universe sometimes come around and provide irony in people's lives. My brother built a "punt", which is what I have always called what might be a rowboat to others or maybe those that are "come-from-away"s. He gave it to our family back when we were all living together in the early 80's and we named it the Luna Sea, not looking toward (or being able to see into) the future or how mental illness might effect our family or our lives, and it's always been a watercraft for us.
Last night, after returning home from New Hampshire to a houseful of overnight guests (which was cool because Andrew brought his guitar and we jammed for an hour or so) consisting of my niece and two of her friends and their accompanying partners, I took a moment or two to go to the shore and gather some photos of the sunset. The one I'm posting was the last one I took and I think the best. I darkened it a bit to make up for the automatic exposure compensation that the camera invokes, and I find that much more satisfying than trying to set manual and do half a dozen shots to get the right one. I like that the darker look is the edge of night and that it actually shows the boat up well. Ahh, the goodness of PhotoShop!
I'm doing an early entry here to try and get back into the swing of things as taking a break from life and home has its disadvantages as well as its good points. I must make a list of things to do!

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