Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heading Out!

As soon as we finish packing things up we will check out and head most likely south toward Rochester or Concord and then take a leisurely drive back to Sullivan. It's hot again, but on the road not a big deal, so it's just driving. A nice stay here in Gilford, the people are nice and tourism is a huge piece of their economy, which looks pretty good to me the casual observer. Everything seems busy and moving, but I have no idea what things are usually like in a typical season here.

Yep, the room's a mess, but we don't own it so apparently don't care. I like that Jen is not constantly cleaning everything around the room and it is a good sign that she has had the chance to relax a little bit and think of other things. Everything has gone fine at home (from the daily phone call checkup reports) so that is also a stress reliever.

I'm ready to go back home and can't wait to get back, and I could tell this from my early rise (for a vacation day) and restlessness this morning. The photo is "doctored" a bit as it was blurry and such from incorrect camera setting, but it's a good "motel room - we really don't live here" image.

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