Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food & Flowers

I'll start with breakfast as we ended up at the IHOP and making breakfast into lunch. We had an awesome server who was as friendly, efficient and capable as any I have seen. It was an excellent meal, and the IHOP has always had a wide selection of very high quality. A reasonably good start to the day.

After breakfast we ended up going to a movie "Funny People" that is Adam Sandler's new one. A lot of his stuff has been just silly, but this film was really a poignant view of what differences the realization of death can make in a person. For me, the realization of death has just made life more real, but from the movie it's the suffering of being sick before you die that makes you appreciate those around you.

We had a nice dinner with Cary, Torrey's ex-girlfriend and still friend whom we still love a lot. She is a marvelous young woman from Cranberry Isles who has an exquisite sense of taste and style and who is going back to school this fall for nursing. The photo is of her and Jen at dinner in Pizzaria UNO at the mall.

The day was about food, but the flowers around Portland and the Mall are really gorgeous and it seems that so many people take this natural beauty for what it is (beautiful) or there wouldn't be all the plantings and such around to make everything look nice! Beauty is where you find it, isn't it?

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