Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sugarland! Great Show...

... at the Meadowbrook Pavilion. What a nice venue for a concert, with the open-sided roof and the soft breeze keeping things cooler. Everyone was so nice, no disagreements, no rowdy (although some inebriated) behavior and a great sound. Because we were in the third row on the left side we had this giant screen in front of us of a live video feed from a couple of hand-held cameras that 2 guys kept moving around the stage for different shots of the performers during the show.

2 photos (we were told not to bring cameras or recording devices) were from my cell phone and I was ticked that there were all kinds of people with cameras there... I could have gotten some great shots! Oh, well what is, is! Anyway, a picture of Jennifer Nettles from the big screen and a picture of Jen trying to contain her excitement as Sugarland prepared to come on stage.

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