Friday, August 7, 2009

Glass... Exclamation Point!

... has been taking up a lot of my time today. I had an group that I did as sort of production run of 10 or so and came out with 7 that were marketable. I also did 4 pendants that came out pretty cool with an exclamation point as a matrix for them all as they look nothing alike. Metaphor you say? Well, I was doing some thinking about why and what these might mean, but my head sprang a leak and I couldn't find a good metaphorical connection. I am sure one will present itself at some point. I do feel that the "carbouchons" might signify the souls of people and represent the ways that people connect, shared colors, shapes and edges make a piece work with another piece.

The new material for me is stone, and a true "cab" is actually made from a slice of mineral or gemstone and shaped through grinding. I've been grinding some rocks the last few days...

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