Friday, August 14, 2009

A Nice Drive And An Early Dinner

So we left Portland around 10 this morning, hooked up on route 25 and followed it down into Meredith, NH arriving at our motel (Fireside Inn) in Guilford around 1:30. Nice room with a balcony and 2 big beds and all the little amenities like coffee and TV and such. I missed a few good shots as we were coming into NH in terms of the views of the mountains and such, but I wasn't really focused (no pun) on the scenery, more on the road and the radio.

We had an early dinner at T-Bones in Laconia with a nice view of the lake (I won't try to spell Winnipeepee) and all the activity upon it. There are marinas everywhere and the amount of money tied up in these boats and all the trimmings has got to be phenomenal. Just up the lake from our motel is this huge marina that's a "Yacht Club" and seeing these guys out on their boats with hoses washing everything down got me thinking about the economy and who suffers most when there is a "downturn". Those making $200,000 or more? I doubt it. Even if a citizen holds onto their job and they're making $30 - $40 thousand they will be hit harder.

Anyway, I couldn't finish all of my chicken fajitas salad, so I'll post a picture (in keeping with the "food" theme) of what I had left over! Yummm! We are now off to go to the Meadowbrook Pavillion to see "Sugarland", just a walk up the road of a mile or less will save us a lot of traffic aggravation. Sad thing is no cameras, but I will bring my sketchbook and try to get a drawing down.

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