Friday, August 21, 2009


I don't know... there are always some things that I can add or change to a piece. The wonder of this work is that it is in three dimensions and they are pretty well restricted, so from a creative standpoint there is a challenge to meet in this format conceptually. I've already talked about the concept and coming to it and how I thought it was a good idea, but the interesting thing about doing a piece for a group like this is that there are a number of excellent solutions that other artists evolve and it's fascinating to see.

I've enjoyed all the creative Children's Museum Auction pieces over the years; the mirrors, the boxes, the benches, but I think my favorite so far (maybe that has changed this year) was the rocking chairs. I thought all those surfaces were really neat to work with toward conception. There are many great pieces that come from this challenge, and I've always considered this sort of "voluntary arts" project similar to pro bono work that doctors and lawyers often do, so it reflects nicely on the arts professionals in our area of the State of Maine.

Now again, I'm not sure if this is completely done, but I know it's 95% there, so I'm feeling OK about posting pics of it!

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