Friday, July 31, 2009

6 a.m., The Nursing Home & Sittin' in Line

The first picture is one I snapped of the kitchen table (I took two) as the early morning light was cutting across. I love light. It does so much more than just reveal, it controls and accentuates aspects of life. Life is light.

The next is of a group of people in front of the nursing home where my mother-in-law lives. I desaturated the colors to give the image a sense of age. There are some great old people there, but along with that comes the inevitability of death. A lot of sorrow as the elderly pass on and new folks come in to replace them. Spirits are high in general and it's a good place for her as she is safe there. We really shouldn't question our mortality, but just accept it and appreciate what we can do with our lives.

Lastly, the roadwork east of the house... I found myself waiting on construction in a truck with my brother-in-law on the way back from a visit to Mom (above photo) and I realized that I have not been impatient with these sorts of things for a while. I simply pull up close to the vehicle ahead of me, shut my engine off and leave on some tunes. The piece of highway that they are working on has seen four deaths over the last few years and a couple of years ago I helped two out of three sisters from a vehicle (the third one needed jaws to open up the car) at the same site. I don't mind that they are doing a new passing lane at that spot because it has been needed for a long while. Life sometimes takes a while to catch up.

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