Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4:30 a.m. ...

... and the day begins. I wish there were about 4 more hours in each day, then I could easily pack in the "should do's" and not have anything hanging. Of course the fact is that any paper work, old mail (I never got to), or anything else in those general categories gets swept into the circular file on the last day of school. How many professions are there where you can finish up, take a couple of months vacation, and then start over again with a relatively new slate? I really am lucky that I still enjoy teaching as much as I do and the kids still enjoy me (most of them, anyway).
I am so behind in getting assessments back to students (a lot of students used the break and some family vacation time as an excuse to be late, but it is after all, family), but I do have a fairly open schedule after school this week, so hopefully will catch up before Wednesday (personal goal!). Time is my master, and I have yet to master time or its perfect use, but I am for some reason sure that it has perfect uses. I wish I could be in two places at once!

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