Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Showers/Flurries

Sure, snow in Maine isn't anything new to us "natives" (and I think you really need to have some tribal blood in your background to be a real native), but the promise of spring is only a promise, as each new day of life is a gift. As I shot this photo out of my studio window I wondered about the "why" of April snow, but only briefly, before I realized that for me it is the sort of thing that keeps me alert and allows me to appreciate more all that is around me.
Snow has taken on more metaphorical meaning for me over this past winter than it ever has, and I think it is the cleanliness of the cold, something about special survival against those winter elements, about the fragility of life and more; something about living in Maine. The beautiful summers we have here are made even more so by the beautiful winters, and I think we need to experience one to appreciate the other.
Cold and what my Mom always called "raw" today, and I'm expecting rain yet again next week for my birthday. More about the meaning of rain at a later time...

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