Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Wave at a Time

Wow! Things come at us in sequence of sorts, they are like waves of attention, waves of tasks, or waves of emotion to name only a very few of the total possible. Today was a good day. After a slow start a calming and sequential approach took over my thinking, and the blog post this morning got me aligned toward accomplishment. It seemed to me (and that's what's important isn't it - the perception) that I got so much accomplished today, from my first arrival at school to the last few minutes as I shut down the computer lab. I know it is all about attitude and how one develops an attitude, but there is an intangible or two involved, and recognizing them is important.
Connections to others can also come in waves, when you "click" and feel like your communication techniques really work and people understand and respond. This happens in waves (cycles). and it seemed to me today that as a teacher it works with colleagues and students alike. I guess it is important to treasure these kinds of days, but the discoveries of how and why and watching for the "good waves" is like learning to fish to feed yourself.

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