Saturday, April 4, 2009

Breakfast in Bed...

... a change, a move back to the past, the "old days" when life was not so overburdening and the people around me all felt young. Well, maybe not that young, but at least not old. I used to do this for "hunny bunny" regularly. Every morning I would get up and do my workout, go up into the kitchen, usually just put together some coffee and oatmeal (with something on the oatmeal like fruit or such) or sometimes an omelet, like this morning. We change, all of us, but for the surroundings that remain so constant we would be like the sky, every day being a different tapestry, or at least I think I would. I like having the ability to change routine and environment constantly which I can do in the freedom of my studio and my imagination. Oh, what careless lack of understanding in wasting a moment of that time and it's ability to renew.

I am making an effort to be nicer. I realize I am surrounded by a beautiful home built by my own two hands on land held for thirty years and passed on by my mother-in-law, and the ties that form over that time and this family are strong. Why shouldn't I be nice to everyone?

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  1. beauty surrounds you , you walk in beauty, it is not your choice , what others see, how they feel, it is their choice..... yours is to be true to the vision, to continue the beauty, regardless of what spins around. It is the way of the peaceful warrior. In beauty I walk.