Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a beautiful day here today... I was able to spend most of it outside as there is always plenty to do, although I really wish the garden was dry enough to till up and get some stuff in as it is already almost May. I'm told that things need a good start before the weather gets hot so that they don't "bolt" (go to seed with tall stems).
I got out on the bay in the little yellow kayak and there was a pretty stiff breeze going, but she did fine and was very comfortable. I seem to always forget how much I enjoy being on the water, and in the kayak it feels almost like being one of the sea birds bobbing around on the waves.
The picture I'm posting here today is one of a huge rock that sits near the shore just up the bay a ways from our house. I've seen and touched it many times over the years, but today was struck by the character it possesses. The craggy cuts and the forms around the edges of this enormous boulder give it almost a personality, but even more than that there is a presence and attitude contained within it that is visually moving. I often see faces in its surface which come forward and then retreat, leaving me to wonder how much is my imagination and how much is the strength and character of the stone. I know it is inanimate and that any aura or feeling I get from it is only a reflection of my own energy, but it was the first thing that moved me today, and it helped me to realize how much strength there is in being grounded. I need to find grounding.

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