Saturday, April 18, 2009

Frost and the Forest

The days are really warming up, and it feels great to have the sun warming me as I work outside. There's something about the power of the sun that moves me to better places, and I have noticed in this last year that it is as precious to me in the winter as it is in the summer.

It is also the time of year when the sun goes down that the night air can take a sharp turn to cold. I started a frost covered car early in the morning and had to capture some of the patterns created on the forms of the automobile, they were gorgeous! I had seen broad patterns before, but it was the details and lines breaking up the patterns that I found most interesting on these surfaces.

The cold nights had me thinking about the fragility of the forest and how the trees are so susceptible to nature and its extremes. I am like a tree, trying to stand rooted, clinging to the fragile existence of abstract connections all around me, and swaying, constantly swaying in the breezes of fortune from all the points of the compass. Sure, there are predominate directions that I can be certain things will move from or towards, and I do feel the winds of stress from these directions trying to topple me. The wind is created from the earth, from our planet, and my stress comes from within me... I don't have to give into it, but I have to bend with it, accept it, and do my best to manage it. My technique for coping is for me to bend, and I let the push come and let it flow around me and simply bend with it, capturing what I might need to capture to keep moving forward with life, and letting the rest slide by on its way to who knows where? Ah! I become the pragmatist extraordinary...

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