Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day of Distress

It was a day of things just not working out. Not an oppressively dark day where many died or were maimed in sword fights or something like that, just simply a day where things didn't go well. I was working on the Caravan (needed to try a gasket for the transmission pan) and the gasket didn't do the job. Of course I over filled the transmission anyway so even if it did hold there was to much juice in it.
So another trip to Ellsworth to pick up muffler parts for the truck (as I had gotten the wrong size the first time I went in) and to order a new transmission pan for the Caravan... I know this is getting kind of convoluted sounding but that's the way it went! So, anyway, after trips for parts, getting things about set to put back together for the truck muffler (what an ordeal that was - having to braze a new bracket on the muffler - everything was rusted out) and I couldn't find the dough-nut gasket. I looked everywhere... twice. Then I found it fallen in behind the workbench, put it on and found that I had to drill the flange to put it together, another distressful event. So I finally got it together, not exhaust pipe hanging!
I'm sure that I can think of hundreds of things that would have been worse, but I'll just be glad for a fresh start tomorrow!

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