Friday, April 24, 2009

Bike Ride!

I bought a Marin touring bike with a 19 inch frame and took it out for the first time this morning for almost an hours ride. It was much more of a workout that I usually do on my indoor recumbent, and I could really feel it in the backs of my legs and my butt (not used to the seat and positioning on it - but learned some) so it may be a step up for my workout routine over the summer. I'm thinking that I might really try to get into shape, or rather try to get really into shape. Either way, being out on the open road and moving at those varying speeds is exciting, I had forgotten over the winter how much I did enjoy riding, even on the old rough mountain bike I gave to Torrey.
City riding is the perfect thing with this bike, but distance on the highway will also work, so I'm already planning (in my mind of course) rides to Ellsworth, Winter Harbor, and all over the place. The picture above was the only stop I made, and there were these cedars lined up along the road and trimmed on the road side of them. They made a visually interesting row.

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