Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stepping Up...

... for several reasons is becoming a new theme. I guess I'm never going to be satisfied with the status quo and it feels like I have to push myself to "raise the bar". Some of the things are simple, like a heavier workout routine and a more compete survey of my teaching practices and applications and increasing my production of artwork. Some are more subtle, like switching to heavier strings on my guitar and being more helpful and kinder around the house. Some are noticed by others and some are not, but it really doesn't matter for if it is good for those around me and good for me at the same time, then it is win-win isn't it?
I have been so scattered lately, what with the possible changes in career (I haven't made up my mind by any means) and the various frustrations I create for myself through my emotional side. If only I could just switch to logic and create control of my surroundings. Physical work, like cutting brush from the side of the driveway and making a huge burn pile for whenever the weather lets that happen, makes me tired and burns energy, but never seems to slow down my spinning mind. I was up two hours in the middle of the night last night trying to "mull things over", but I don't even really know where to start.

On a lighter note we all went down to Harrington for my grandniece's birthday and I saw a true "tailgating grill"... look closely for the actual tailgate providing support for the grill.

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