Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saving a Life, No Matter How Small

Yeah, well four to be exact. I've always looked out for and I hope appreciated the little and the simple things in life, and today wasn't the first time I have rescued those less fortunate than myself. I walked up the driveway to pick up the morning paper, and I saw a small worm covered in grains of sand slowly working its way across the driveway. I immediately felt empathy for the lowly creature and found myself imagining what that circumstance might be for me to endure, covered in what would be small stones stuck to the slimy surface of my epidermis and crawling along at the slowest possible rate. I couldn't help but pick the worm up and place it safely off the road. Then I spied another and did the same thing, and then another and another.

I really felt a sense of karma unlike I have for a while, and I put a great number of things that I thought were much more important than those simple beings in their proper perspective.
I felt like I a made a difference there, and although a small one it did not matter because a difference is a difference, and change often comes from little differences accumulating. I seem to keep coming back to change, and I know I am in a state of mind that needs to understand and accept the possibilities of change, believing that change is truly a process if it is done right, and that it can take time to effect positive change, so... in my own small way, I saved some lives to day (by the way I lost some too, that were already run over by a vehicle in the driveway - and that did actually make me feel bad) and made a difference to them and to me.

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