Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rising Out of a Funk

Getting to do some work, regardless of the sort or the reason or even the subject, makes me go to a better place most of the time. I really do enjoy the flexibility of working digitally and I don't miss all the clean-up time. I can make/be anything, or at least almost anything my imagination desires, so I started working on myself this afternoon, after all I am the one I have to deal with day after day and that in itself is often a challenge. I can hear the girls outside in the smoking area laughing and having a break from the everyday, and I am glad they have one another.
I am disguised... not broken, not disfigured, but disguised by myself, with the inner workings not even completely known to me and certainly not known to anyone else, except maybe those of you who read this and piece the parts together. Thanks for trying, at least!


  1. the work looks like an expression of energy, perhaps energy felt, and like all inner fields , hard to name and interpret.
    Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply honor it all as it is the energy that makes a life, that is a person. Let it flow

  2. Look at the work of Alex Gray. He is online