Saturday, April 11, 2009

Injured Eagle

Funny how one might mention Native Americans and the fragility of life and then there is an injured eagle that appears in the front yard. I have no wonder that the native peoples of this land hold the American Bald Eagle in such esteem. What a noble bird! Even injured (the right wing seemed to be damaged around the metacarpus with the inner primaries and some of the secondary feathers bent or distended) it was fighting off three crows that apparently sensed it was in a weakened state. I watched it from the house, where I shot the first couple of pictures and then it flew up into a tree, damaged wing and all, to take shelter from the crows and to rest. Even the picture of the eagle in the spruce reveals its determined and noble presence. The proper authorities have been called to report the injured bird and hopefully it will survive its injuries intact. I love watching those creatures fish in the bay early mornings and late afternoons.

What a day, from the snow this morning to the eagle this afternoon, the range of living creatures and how they function together on this planet is astounding!

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