Monday, April 13, 2009

Doe, a Deer

Driving along into work this morning and I happened to spot a doe in a field on the left of the road, so I stopped and captured a couple of images of her. The beauty of these creatures, the grace and elegance of movement reminds me of a dancer, each move being an expression of their delicate coexistence with humankind. I whistled at her and she nonchalantly looked up at me, perhaps wondering why I would bother to stop and what reason I could have for watching her. I let a few cars pass by and then put the camera away, and as I started to leave she immediately bolted for the woods. She had her beautiful full white tail up in the air and was bounding from side to side, again like the rhythm of a dancer bouncing back and forth to a good old rock and roll tune! A good start to the day about 6:30 this morning.

I was late in school tonight "prepping" canvases for an Art Honors project, and I just get into the rhythm of things and crank. It only took me an hour or so to prime 16 canvases that were two feet square. The kids want to do an "event" for induction to NAHS and they will work on pieces on their own first, then begin to match color and line in the afternoon (May 12th is our set date), and finally finishing up in an hour or two after school. I think we'll have music, some snack food, and a really good time!

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