Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Ducks, the Moon and the Biker

How do I really know if things that occur within the course of the ordinary day are related beyond my slim reality? I can make connections, sure, after all I teach constructing meaning and looking for the connections between and among things on a regular basis. Things get by us, that is, we don't notice meaning and connections until after the fact or something becomes so obvious we can't miss or refute it. There are clues, some broad and some specific, but not always noticed... for instance the Eagle that appeared out front last week which also happens to be the mascot for Ellsworth High School, and I end up with an interview there tomorrow.

Can there be a connected flow, a stream of connected events and forces that takes us through each day? My students continue a flow within classes that leads to learning from one another, so they relate and share to direct this flow forward in time. I guess it is all in how you look at it, how one perceives what is around them.

The biker was riding an old (79-ish) iron head Harley, and had run out of luck with the wiring, causing the generator to kick out and the motor to run down the battery. Bruce and I stopped, and charged up his battery while we stood around and talked. A good deed at the end of a good day always works for "the flow".


  1. come back to me
    like, enormous wings revisiting
    a long deserted sanctuary.

  2. ah yes I see similarity..... the eagle , what seems to be insignificant,,,, always holds a message for the beholder Believe, Magic happens