Sunday, May 3, 2009

Calm Morning

In fact, what we always used to call "flat ass calm", although I have no idea of the origins of that particular expression. It was so inviting as to perhaps going out in the kayak, but that was short lived as the wind came up as soon as everyone got up around the house, and we all gradually made it to the garden, where the girls planted all the early stuff we had seeds for. The garden is still amazingly wet (muddy in places) and we managed to till up what could be done under the circumstances.

We got some brush off the burn pile to use for the peas to climb and hooked up a water supply from the house so that the seeds will germinate (or drown trying) and hopefully we'll have a bit more manageable garden this year We always did raised beds in our gardens, but haven't been doing that here in Sullivan. I convinced the "bosses" that we might try it and get a better handle on weeding and harvesting, so we'll try it out. We are spreading out a bit and looking at planting in a couple of other places as well, maybe potatoes. It's been a beautiful, although overcast a lot, day!

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