Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shooting Through A Screen

... doesn't really seem like that good an idea, but I had no choice yesterday in Rockland, as all the windows were screened in anticipation of the warm weather bringing flying insects to the Island Institute's building downtown. The fourth floor allowed enough height to see the water over the tops of the buildings on the south side of Main Street, but the screens were an obstacle. Well, sort of an obstacle as I actually think some of the moire patterns I see on the image as I change its size are intriguing. Any sign of pattern or sense of movement in the photo is kind of special, especially as it was taken from such a high point of view.

The CREST (Community for Rural Education Stewardship and Technology) workshop went well and moved along quickly as everyone had the opportunity to present ideas and practices that had been tried during the last year. I got some usable ideas for working with web design in my regular classes, and why not if it is presented in a simple manner to kids and allows them to present their work to a wider audience. It would be cool for students to be able to do that! Anyway, it was a worthwhile "in-service" that moved along, kept everyone busy and allowed for some reflection and planning so there was a sense of accomplishment as well.

The "dinner" afterward was very nice, in a classy Rockland restaurant I will not plug here. Some excellent dinner conversation over a variety of topics (I was "shushed" when the political conversation got intense) that included jokes, anecdotes and some serious "shop talk", which is common when a bunch of teachers get together. For dinner I had mussels, salmon and a butterscotch pudding "to die for". Yum!

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