Saturday, May 30, 2009

Misty Rain

The last few days have been challenging for keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to summer. Once again, pragmatism creeps into thinking and the feeling of "whatever is, is" works out and lets the beauty of the daylight hours be whatever it is (although soon after the sunshine blueberry pictures coming up - just waiting for the sun - I plan to do some night things) and in this case mostly just rain. The top shot was on the way to Seal Cove to an exhibit (on channel 5 news last night) of art students and teachers from around the Island, and it was very nice to see all of those levels of art in one place. Reminded me of the Mall Show in Bangor, but in a cute little venue.

The second picture was this morning early from the house and showed the fog/rain hovering around the mountains and islands. I really like the softness and think watercolor whenever I see that! Need to make more art! Drawing on photos printed on matte heavy paper is making me sing lately...

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