Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moss on A Rolling Stone...

... keep on movin' and you might get out before anyone knows you're there! Too much to do as usual, but today was full of accomplishments that needed doing, mostly cleanup "stuff". I had to write testimony for the hearing on graduation requirements in Augusta on Monday among other things, and I still need to work on a painting for part of the Art Society "event" at school on Tuesday. I feel very much like a rolling stone who is gathering moss, but I'm sure I can shake it off as long as it's not too heavily rooted. Time usually swings things around... as long as you keep pushing things ahead... you know, just to keep it all moving and the moss won't slow you down!

David and I burned the brush pile after supper tonight and I got some heat on my face. Got too little time on my bike today, and there's no time before school. I might have to start riding after I get home, although I'm usually too frenetic after a busy day... it started really pouring as soon as it got dark, but with a pretty good bed of coals I expect the fire to still be smoldering in the morning.

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