Friday, May 1, 2009

Time & Light Lords...

... that's what my Photography II students are! As we critiqued their recent series of photos today and covered points of composition, technical skill, point of view and subject matter they were focused, sharing and perceptive. Even though some of the seniors have issues with time management at this time of year, they pitched in with appropriate comments and interpretations of their peers work. We had talked about what might be involved in making a "series" of photographs and the variety of their approaches and subjects was amazing. I love this stuff and what my students are able to do with it, finding creative expression in so many different ways, starting to use their eyes to really notice what there is around them. Photography I is just starting to load and use their cameras and it's all about picking up the intricacies of light, aperture and shutter speed as well as planning ahead for the type of film they will use for shooting conditions. Good stuff.

I didn't miss the sunset tonight as it came glaring in through the windows and my perceptions seem to be working well enough to notice the natural beauty around me. One of the things I like best in the beauty of nature is how it diminishes me... makes me feel like a part of the earth instead of an object wandering aimlessly on its surface.

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