Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Words Cannot Express...

... but they are all I have tonight. It has been a long day for many reasons, starting at 4:30 as they mostly do, but very productive. I managed to get a great deal done today and the whole day zipped by in what seemed like record time. I have been working steadily since I got home... website for MAEA, website for school, work on project sheets for classes and checking out proposed schedules for RSU # 48 (or whatevah numbah that is). One little thing after another with little or no time for my spirit. The left side of my brain loves these days, all the things that are accomplished to add to the old resume of life, but my spirit hates them, little time for the love and joy of being, the expansive pleasure of the moment. I'll look for an archived photo that has nothing to do with this post.... or does it?

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