Saturday, May 2, 2009

The New Replaces the Old

I suppose that it's inevitable that as things become more modern, perhaps more efficient, they are supplanting the previous versions. Common lawn grass can be no exception, as we look at the beauty of the greening of the earth (at least our neck of it) and the bursting forth of new shoots coming right up through the laid down and old and browned blades. These cycles are very strong around us and something that we can learn from, not only for our own understanding of how life treats us but also how our relationships to others are affected by circumstance and change. I'm not sure it is all just cyclic, but it seems the longer the experience the more deja vu is present.

I'm looking at the last post of how the hugeness and beauty of the planet puts me in my place and realize that point of view can express that, so that's where the second photo comes from. The mountain and bay out of focus in the background makes "place" important with the grasses more immediate and locating the viewer.

The birds are a never-ending example of the variety of life around us and watching them helps me to understand the term "bird-watcher", which I always used to think was a sort of silly waste of time. I shouldn't be wasting time at all as I am on the end side of the life cycle, but I don't think it is really about the time you waste, it's about the quality of the time you waste (knowing that the definition of a waste of time is subjective and varies from person to person).

I am going to Bangor with my oldest son today to celebrate his birthday... he'll be 35!

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