Friday, May 29, 2009

Dandelions & a Dirty Sink

So I go outside after supper last night and up into the field to look at the garden (doing very nicely with peas six inches tall - fisherman's version) with my camera in hand and nothing really on my mind... on my way I notice two things; the obviously effusive blueberries blossoming in the field (pictures of those later) and the dandelions that have gone to seed. Within a few minutes I am on my belly in the damp grass (remember it rained much of the day) looking through the camera at all the possibilities for a good photograph of these magical delicate and perfectly round objects. I ended up with a couple of dozen shots and have chosen one for this post. A thought of "I hope nobody sees me doing this" flashed through my mind.

On a totally unrelated and random topic, I shot a picture of my art room sink today, and realizing that I don't have any regular classes except digital media in that room right now, I at first thought "what a mess!", but then I quickly realized that the students I do have in the room have been working independently and have been doing some amazing things this past semester. So now I'm thinking "Wow! My room really looks like there's something going on with my students there!" Take it for what you want it to be, because that's what makes it what it is! (you can quote me on that...)

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