Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Day to Waterville & Music on My Heart

To the left is our leader today (David Yanoski) in Waterville while we were working with the State Assessment Rubrics for Standards as the goal. Our session leader (raising standards with an arm up) is a member of Dr. Robert Marzano's team for educational reform and he gave us a lot of information and vocabulary that will be useful in developing this work. While this "stuff" is not just for the arts, the arts can benefit more than any other discipline (I think) because we have such good standards to work with and because we are always looking at different ways of establishing and assessing student performance. A long day and an arduous (not amorous) task that leaves one feeling tired but content.

Music is truly such a powerful thing, and seeing and hearing a context for music always makes me feel stronger and healthier. Even if I have only a very few minutes to play or sing at some time during the day I will try to get it in, and although sometimes I don't manage to accomplish even that I can listen and move to musical sounds... we should all do it every day! (that's an "A" chord)

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