Friday, May 22, 2009

Delicacy and Death

Sure, we all appreciate the beauty of an unfolding flower, the softness of the petals, the often contrasting colors of the style, stigma and anthers at the center of the flower. This is the time of year to take all this in and watch as nature unfolds her marvelous beauties to us in the fine delicacy of the flowering trees. My favorite has always been the apples, they have such a variety of colors and shapes of flowers as well as sheer numbers of blossoms on a single tree. Are there that many apples that form? There usually are. The tree down front is getting gorgeous and I want to wait until just the right moment to capture its effluence of color. I will have my second seasonal photograph of that tree and I can hardly wait! I took one tonight, but...

So mixed in with all this beauty is the amazing, at least in my mind, increase of roadkill I've seen on the highways recently. When I took this bottom photo I also took a picture of a Dr. Pepper can in the bushes near the raccoon, thinking that in context, they both seem as though just thrown away, no longer possessing any meaning. Not that the can ever did anyway, but the loss of living things bothers a bit. And this one was very young. For what its worth.

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