Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still Smouldering...

... even after all that rain. Boy I guess when it heats up like that it really is hard to put out. The consuming fire took all sorts of scraps of old wood and brush, leaving only the metal nails and other steel debris in its bed. I believe the coals are still burning somewhat and the wind has fueled them efficiently today.
Up early this morning making Mothers Day cards for the mothers from the boys, and I hope it was a good day. I think it (awareness of surroundings) sometimes gets by me when my head is in the clouds of work or imagination, and this afternoon was a bit of both. I'm sure tomorrow will be another day, full of new adventure and learning.

I had my art society students ask me to do a panel for their mural, and I chose Robert Indiana as my artist to emulate (not copy or interpret) because he is a Maine resident and because his work has such bold meaning. I just like it, and I was a sign painter for a while myself.

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