Monday, May 4, 2009

Red at Night & The Serpent and The Dove

Ahhh... why was today so nice? Well, I think the old nautical phrase "Red at night, sailors delight" applied to today as the sunset last night was extremely red-orange (close enough). I crept around the shore to the east a bit and found a number of very nice shots. The light from the low sun was very intense, even in an indirect sense. I got the apple tree bathed in it and several other subjects such as beach rocks along the shore. The sun is so powerful and gives so much to us, that being in the midst of it is very uplifting and expanding, but I may have lost some of that feeling because I was trying so hard to find a photo (left-brain function?). Who cares? Today more than made up for it by the nature of the day... the breeze, the sun, the feel of the sky above all contributed to the overall beauty of the day. Cleaning the yards around the Acadia National Park Headquarters with my freshman advisory group was the activity of the day, and it was awesome!

The serpent has often been a symbol (from the
Garden of Eden) of an evil force that induced the embodiment of womanhood (through Eve) to partake of the fruit of the tree of life and therefore unveil death. The dove as a symbol of peace (I don't know about the Mourning Dove, but a dove is a dove, right?) has been with us for generations, my first recollection being the symbol of Woodstock, and a political symbol as well. My thoughts are wrapped around the juxtaposition of these two elements and how they might connect to one another. They are both kind of minor, but they are around my house and I'm curious. Hitting the hay early tonight as I got too much sun today and I'm "bushed" (kind of a pun as we were picking up "bushes" today).

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