Friday, March 20, 2009

Can I Climb on an Ice Cake and Drift Away?

The ice along the shore is breaking up and there is a very real emotional connection for me as the ice releases it months long grip on the shore. I love the ice, and in my "pragmatic" year maybe those sorts of things have become more and more important to me a "signs" of how I function in the world. I perceive the ice breaking up and drifting off on the tide (an hour past high right now) as a good thing, as a symbol of change, and although change is not always good I know that for some people who are a very important, if not constant, part of the life I lead that change may be the best thing to happen.
So I remain positive, I look for the beauty in everything, and today's photos were all taken (digital photo amazes me) this morning before full daylight. You can still see the lights of Bar Harbor off the southern end of Treasure Island (click on photo for full version). I know I need to start looking at the New Media approach to my postings and will soon include some video and digitially manipulated images, I just need to work toward it a bit at a time.

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