Sunday, March 22, 2009

Controlled (but just barely) Chaos...

Is the way I have felt at times today... when Matt is having a difficult day and in a confined space such as an automobile it does seem chaotic, the entire spectrum of life. I went to pick up student work and was pleased to have several students to recognize, and I had a feeling that Izzy's political piece with bloody chains was not something that should travel the state. It was good that he got notice for his work though, as he has few barriers in what he does. The morning passed quickly, but the rest of the day slower until home and putting findings on the glass work from yesterday. A few emails (thanks for the post, darling) and some schoolwork and I'm about ready for bed. I did stop at GoodWill and pick up a couple of books, one of short stories edited by Alfred Hitchcock and I'm looking forward to that!
I'm just feeling a little emotionally tired, but thank goodness I can put my mind in a nice warm space!

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