Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ice is Softening

All broken into clumps, albeit very large clumps, one can easily see the degradation of the ice along the shore. Mostly the tops of the larger "cakes", but holes have formed and the ice is soft to the touch. I braved the "bergs" as the light was lowering this afternoon, and I was out with about fifteen to twenty feet of water below me. The pictures just kept presenting themselves and I didn't really shoot that many, maybe a dozen or so. At one point I just got too involved in rocking one narrow slab back and forth until there was quite a rhythm going and the slabs of ice were rocking twenty feet away. I had these quick adventures in my head of being stranded on an ice slab and drifting to wherever the tides took me. And then there's always the apple tree... What a beautiful afternoon!

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