Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All that which was under the snow and ice for an interminable time and is longing for the warmth of the sun and the release from the confines of the cold is beginning to show itself. Not out of a meanness of spirit, but from an natural need for a change, a difference in things. I am the same, I realize how much I have been identifying with the change of seasons and the degree to which I am affected (not effected) by it. Yes, I have taken the opportunities to create, to work in my studio, and how could I give that wonderful pleasure away? A strong reason which would be met by forces as strong or stronger that I am with incredulity and anger could give cause, but where would I go with that? Could I walk into the warming spring fog and let foresight of an extremely narrow and close focal range guide me moment by moment? Too many questions, too many possibilities at this time, but need is sometimes the father of invention, and the sadness which would undoubtedly accompany my need dampens my thoughts of creative solutions.

Images pervade my surroundings, and they represent much of what I am and much of what I feel. The need is not missing, the fulfillment is loud in it's absence. Sometimes I feel like a hollow log!

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