Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mothers Make Magic

Nostalgia kicked in as I looked through some old pictures of my mom, dad, brother and I. I scanned a couple (will do more) and began to remember some of the things Mom did to make life good for all of us. Just a thing moms do. You guys are all special in your caring and nurturing modes and in so many ways. The magic that is made may not be fully appreciated for years afterward, but it lies there dormant at the least in all of us until we realize the nature of it. My mother was around 20 years old in this picture (circa. 1940) and I've always thought it meaningful that she was born the same year that women got the right to vote. She was a beautiful young woman and an independent, tough human being, handling everything that came her way with apparent ease. The breast cancer and last few years were difficult, but she held on and traveled and accomplished so much that she had planned in spite of her sickness. I'll never forget watching her take her dying breath.

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