Saturday, March 28, 2009

The last ice-cake just before dark tonight. The bay is pretty well cleaned out of ice. There is just one thin yet large sheet of ice that keeps drifting up and down the bay with the tides and the wind. I don't ever remember seeing anything like this before, but then again I haven't looked before like I'm looking this spring. There's something in the discovery of the words that I write here that relates to these pictures and really moves me in a number of directions. I'm finding more and more of a challenge in light, and light is life in so many ways.

I've used the flash at night before and gotten some interesting pictures from it, but it still always ultimately seems so artificial. I need to explore light sources away from the camera... maybe spotlights or such. This summer in the warmer nights I would love to shoot some portraits in the dark, lit by perhaps the setting sun or soft spots or such. The human being can be such a powerful subject, so emotional, so provocative. I took this well after sunset tonight, as I did the one of the house from down on the beach at low tide. and the flash was just an after thought. I will explore this more.

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