Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Studio is a Mess

... but I'm lucky to have one and it's getting more organized. I managed to pull out my "big old easel" and store it in pieces (takes up less room) in the basement. Now I am getting ready to set up my kiln and a compressed air supply for airbrushing. I had plumbed an air line into the studio when we set up the compressor for the shop and garage, and I can use airbrush for a number of things I want to try, including ceramics and printmaking. So, anyway, between keeping things going for school and home, I seem to be able to keep quite busy.
Yesterday was a very off day, as I had some things on my mind that weren't about reality of day to day, and felt terribly unfocused and I didn't accomplish much. I talked with "hunny bunny" about it this morning and got a new perspective, and feel like I am more "centered" and focused today. I guess I need to try harder with those around me and shake off the distractions somehow. I really know the physical part of my life won't change much, but I can just try to stay fit and have a positive attitude.
Wow, this entry got a lot more personal than I intended, and only "brushed" on art, but that's where I am! I'm still looking for what to do with Argy's crayon?

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