Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rhythm & Pattern - Principles of Life

Sure, sure I know they are principles of art/design, but I have been considering their importance of late. I've been reading Richard Florida's "The Creative Class", and am wondering how these principles effect and affect the condition of a person's existence. Is it natural that we have such solid routines in our lives that we often identify as "good" for us when they can actually turn us into rigid thinking "zombies"? Of course I'm speaking only for myself here. I'm always looking for new things to try or to do in my job. How can I teach students if I am not excited and exploring possibilities? And then I think of teachers I have known, although not well, that seem to be dragging and tired a lot of the time. I understand the idea of being tired because I start my day early and it usually ends late, and sleep is a necessary ingredient to good health, but the days that are most exciting are those days that contain surprises, take you out of the routines in life that you have set up for yourself, and nourish your spirit!
So, even though there are restrictions dictated to us by our society and culture, there is so much interesting "stuff" inside those restrictions that can make things like "movement & repetition" thrilling beyond belief even if for a relatively short time. C'mon let's break our routine!

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